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Events and Ceremonies


The Southern Sierra Miwuk Nation hosts our 26th Annual inter-tribal Powwow at Mariposa County Fairgrounds on Mother's Day weekend May 11-12th. The Mariposa Powwow continues to be a long-standing tradition on the California Powwow circuit. This Powwow is a family friendly drug and alcohol free cultural event. Please join us to  dance, sing and celebrate!


Since 1990 the Southern Sierra Miwuk Nation and Yosemite associated tribes have been carrying on our tradition of walking the Trail of our ancestors. The Walk is a spiritual journey where tribal members, family and invited friends re-connect to our traditional homeland, walk together, pray together, sing together and honor our land and ancestors who walked before us.


The Wahoga village was the last Indigenous village occupied in Yosemite until 1969 when the NPS razed the last homes. The village is located west of Camp 4 in Yosemite Valley.


Language is our connection to our ancestors. Many tribal elders were sent to Indian boarding schools where they were not allowed to speak our native tongue. Today language revitalization efforts help us reclaim a sense of pride in our identity as Indigenous people.

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Big Time

Southern Sierra Miwuk Nation hosts our annual BIG TIME celebration every summer in our Yosemite Valley tribal village. BIG TIME is a dance and spiritual gathering that brings together California traditional dancers from all over the state. 

46th Annual Big Time Flyer

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