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The American Indian Council of Mariposa County is a non-profit agency which was initially incorporated by the state in 1972, and subsequently became a non-profit 501 C-3 entity in January 1993.

The objectives and purpose of The American Indian Council is as follows: 

(1) To maintain and provide education to its members and the public concerning the historical, social, and cultural traditions of the Indians of Mariposa County.

(2) To take any action necessary for the protection and preservation of Indian cemeteries, burial and archeological sites, and artifacts.

(3) To provide educational, social, housing and economic development, and health services for its members.

(4) To encourage and promote by all practical means a proper system of education for members of all ages in such subjects as home economics, hygiene, child care and development, etc. cooperating with state and federal departments and agencies which seek to promote such work.

(5) To administer scholarship programs if and when funding is available for such programs.

The Council currently operates out of the American Indian Council Office next to the Miwu-Mati Family Healing Center. Several grants to help with research for the federal recognition process (a three-year grant) and completing census of tribal members, through the Administration for Native Americans, have been successfully implemented by the American Indian Council.

Most local projects have been funded through an annual fundraising Indian Taco Booth at the Mariposa County Fair.

The American Indian Council has also coordinated and sponsored the “Traditional Indian Days” in Yosemite National Park for the past 29 years and the five-day Tran-Sierra Spiritual Walk. 

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28th Annual Mariposa Pow Wow
May 13-14th, 2023!

Mariposa County Fairgrounds

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