The Walk

Since 1990 the Southern Sierra Miwuk, Mono Paiute, and other associated tribes in the Yosemite/ Mariposa area of the Central Sierra Nevada mountain range have carried on our ancestral journey of walking the path of our ancestors.

With the exception of 2018 due to wildfire, tribal members have been walking trails every summer from Yosemite Valley over the Sierras to the basin of Mono Lake and back. This important cultural traditional journey retraces the trade route between Southern Sierra Miwuks living in Yosemite Valley  (descendants of Ahwaneechee) and Paiutes of the Eastern Sierra boundary of Mono Lake basin area.

Our Southern Sierra Miwuk ancestors walked, prayed, gathered, hunted and traded pine nuts, acorn, obsidian, plant medicines, baskets, etc with each other along this route. Southern Sierra Miwuk tribe continues this journey to present day. This journey, called "The Walk" by tribal members and participants, is one of the longest standing modern tribal journey traditions in the country. The Walk remains to be a powerful cultural and spiritual teacher to all who come along for this journey. During the walk we share traditional stories and songs of our people, we teach young people how to walk with the Earth, with our Elders, with our babies. The Walk is a spiritual journey that soothes the scars of generational trauma. Walkers re-connect with their tribal homeland, learn how to move through our land as a unified tribe, supporting each other through this journey back to our ancestral homeland.

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