Since 1982 the Southern Sierra Miwuk, aka American Indian Council of Mariposa County, have petitioned for federal acknowledgment. Our ancestors signed treaties in good faith with the federal government during the Gold Rush. These treaties were hidden away and left unratified leaving Southern Sierra Miwuk Nation and many California Indians landless.

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Clay Muwin River 


Clay River is Passamaquoddy of Indian Township Maine and Mi’kmaq First Nation of Eskasoni, Cape Breton Island, Canada. 

Clay has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Native Youth Education and a Master of Arts degree in Indigenous Education & Curriculum. Clay has served Native community for most of their life, providing traditional education, cultural training and intergenerational guidance to build resiliency. Clay has traveled, lived and worked in many Native communities across Turtle Island and honors the knowledge learned from hundreds of traditional teachers and elders. Whether they are providing youth leadership training, assisting Elders healing from historical trauma or helping to bring indigenous wellness back to remote native communities, Clay shares their passion for being positive and proactive. Clay enjoys activism-mural painting as well as cultural arts, such as basketry, weaving, quilting, beading and regalia sewing. 

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